About Us

Our company owns three factories for preparing concrete with highly developed technology.

* Two fixed batch plants with the capacity of (280 M3/hour)

* One mobile batch plant with the capacity of (120 M3/hour)

The factories are run by a highly skilled group who are experienced in the concrete preparing field. The company owns:

-         33 Truck mixers, with different volumes between (6m, 8m, 11m)

-         5 mobile concrete pumps (for transporting concrete to high elevations of projects), German Schwing type [model: 2007, 58m; model: 2006, 45m; model: 2004, 42m; model: 2008, 34m; model: 2005, 34m].



-         10 bulk cement silos with the capacity of (1000 ton)

-         Many machines like: shovels, water tank, etc.

-         Certified lab used for testing and development for obtaining the best result and global trait. This is all done by supervising experts in this field.

-         A section for controlling ready-made concrete products to have the best result.

-         The grand projects of Sulaimani city are implementing building constructions successfully with Najmadin Concrete Factory. This is due to the good quality of our products and the speed of arrival of the projects. The location of the factory is near to the city center, allowing protection and sustainability of the components of the concrete.